General Information

Exam Rules

  • The exam is closed book and closed notes.
  • When taking the exam, you may have with you
  • You may not use any electronic devices (phone, computer, calculator, smart watch, etc.).
  • You must be enrolled in the course to take the exam.
  • Seating is assigned by alphabetically by last name. A map of assigned seats will be available the week before the mock exam.
  • When you find your seat, fill in the information sheet and keep out your ID, your note sheet, and pens and pencils.
  • Do not open your exam until told to do so.
  • After everyone is seated and exam has started, the proctors will check IDs and collect information sheets.
  • To get credit for the exam, you will need to also sign out as you turn in your exam.
  • To minimize confusion, you will need to wait until all exams have been passed out and IDs checked before you can submit your exam.
  • How to Prepare